Benefits to Business and Consumers via Social Media

Years ago there was a dramatic shift in how  people and organizations began to  interact with each other: the web came to the workplace and became the de-facto tool for organizations in industries of every kind. In 2012, the evolution continues with the coming of age of Social Business as social computing, policies, governance and cultures are integrated into enterprise design and organizations are focused on socially enabling business processes.

Google Plus:

It gives one the ability to create “Circles”; groups of people you follow that fit categories, interests, or any other segments. It is appropriate for B2B, B2C and consumer applications.  It is free and takes less than 5 minutes to register as consumer or business.  Enables organizations  to build brand equity.  Allows consumers to build their personal brands and become someone of influence. Since it is a Google product, it appears SEO is increased (anecdotal).


It is free to join Twitter. Enables organizations to build brand equity and participate in real-time conversations w/ customers.  Allows consumers to build their personal brands. 140 character limit requires interactivity and creativity.  Mobile friendly.  Consumers increase influence and businesses boost SEO and campaigns; Organizations have ability to get input directly consumers as to issues with products or services; also get input on


Hottest social media platform on the planet right nowwith  lots of eyeballs for organizations to build brands# 3 social network in the US-(Wasserman, T.).  Visit Pinterest and request an invitation. Process is seamless to start using it.  Nearly 5 million users, and is rapidly growing. Nearly 1.5 million unique users visit Pinterest daily, spending an average of 15 minutes a day on the site. (Hayden, B, Copy Blogger)  Very sticky site which allows images and videos to be pinned for display for all to see.  “A picture truly is worth a thousand words”



Enables organizations to build brand equity, hunt for talent and tell their brand story to customers, suppliers and partners.  Allows consumers to build their personal brands, find jobs, network and stay connected.  # 4 most popular social media platform in U.S.-(Wasserman, T.).  Ability to join groups; industry related, job specific and a variety of others to connect with like-minded people.


Enables organizations to build brand equity via promos, giveaways and other specials for frequent visitors.  Encourages consumers Allows consumers to build their personal brands, connect with friends and share interesting content.  Add interesting content that can be shared; most dynamic social media platform on the planet thus far by building a sense of community for individuals and businesses.


4 thoughts on “Benefits to Business and Consumers via Social Media

    • Hi Donna-

      I see mobile via phones and tablets becoming a larger and larger way that we connect and interact with one another coupled with always on and available Internet access. I see geo-centric ads being delivered to us based on our locations, interests etc..

  1. Devin: I like the openess of your format, the use of logos, and the way you introduce the premise of your post. Social business feels like another full time job some days, but it is transformative. I listened to a podcast by a Silicon Valley venture capitalist who described his interest as finding new disruptive technolgies. It is an interesting perspective on what might attract funding and ultimately succeed. I think it was Dr. J who posted that LinkedIn bought SlideShare this week. I really love the LinkedIn development story and I think this acquisition is right on target with their brand.

    • Hi Wanetta-

      (SM) is becoming the airline industry with a convergence while the big eat the small. It will certainly be interesting to see what’s next but change is baked into the playbook at this point.

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